Hi, I'm Francois (my musical alias). I'm a music producer, digital economy geek, course instructor and founder of Production Music Live.

This website is about different projects I’m personally working on. Its also a place where I'll provide you with tools, resources, more personal / artist information and where I post notes, thoughts and things of interest.

My Music

I'm a classically trained musician and music producer from Germany with an insatiable passion for great sound design, audio engineering and electronic music production. Released music on labels such as Universal Music, Parquet Recordings, Jannowitz Records and others.

With my alias Francois Rengere, I'm mainly producing music in the genres "Melodic Deep House" and "Melodic Techno". You can find some of the music on Soundcloud and or Spotify

In general the music is filled with my tools (from here and Production Music Live), after all most tutorials and packs are inspired by something I generated for my own sound.

Production Music Live

Together with my old friend Tom, we're running the "Production Music Live" website, academy and YouTube channel - with more than 10 million views to date. We're also posting daily music production tips via Instagram to an audience of more than 275.000 users. I also run a personal Youtube Channel, called Francois Beats - where I share production sessions, tutorials and tracks.

We are doing sound design tutorials on Youtube and providing in-depth online courses on all sorts of different aspects in music production through our Online Music Production Academy.

Most of the PML online courses are instructed by me.

We love exploring sound designs in all types of genres (with a bit of focus on melodic house & techno music). We offer a couple of production courses (start to finish, mixing, mastering, chord progressions), templates, presets and sample packs on the website. 

We share an insatiable passion for electronic music production. Since we like exploring new ways of working and acquiring new skills, we decided to share some of our knowledge, skills and services with others. We do it because we love it and hope you guys enjoy it as much as we do! We love exploring sound designs in all types of genres.

Digital transformation, web technologies and industries of the future

Next to music, my other passion is exploring the latest developments in web technologies, understanding driving forces of digital transformation and thinking about the industries of the future.