New: Support my work via Patreon

Patreon Francois
I've recently set up a Patreon page!

Maybe you've enjoyed some of my music or you've watched some of my production videos on Youtube (my personal channel or on Production Music Live). In any case: If you want to directly support me, now you can :)

What can you expect from being a patron? I'm going to make regular videos writing tracks, chord progressions and melodies, programming drums, remaking parts of more popular tracks / synth sounds. I'll take requests into consideration, as it will allow for a closer interaction with like-minded producers and music lovers and I will share some of the "practicing files", that is presets, midis and project files with my patrons. 

By supporting me via Patreon you are supporting me as producer and instructor and helping me to make new tutorial videos and remakes on electronic music production in Ableton! 

Also, you'll be getting special discount coupons for my (Start-To-Finish) online courses and other products at Production Music Live. And you'll be getting access to freebies and goodies.

Your support is greatly appreciated!